Photo by Mike Lloyd on Unsplash

Everybody plays games
even when they say they don’t.
Head games, get-you-in-bed games,
And they’re gonna play with you
Even when you say you won’t.

Babe — did you see what I got for you?
You don’t like it? Well, trash it!
There! See what you made me do???

What you mean,
I’ve got a passive-aggressive attitude?
We ain't talking about me,
we’re talking about you.

Just leave me alone
get over it.
I’m through.

I’m tired of you always
telling me what to do.

Like you know any better.
Like you’ve got a clue.

I mean, come on…don’t cry.
You know I love you, boo…
You don’t think I could leave
after all we’ve been through?

That’s right. Come here.
Give me some love.
Give me a hug.
I know it’s not easy
lovin’ someone so much.

Daniel R. Fincher

Real eyes realize real lies…

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